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Feb 10, 2013 7:30am PST
name is claudine cheng. i'm speaking as a past president of oca, organization of chinese americans. every year is special; this year is specifically more special because historically the first year honoring chinese heritage was in 1993, this is the twentieth year anniversary of that; we are proud and happy that the happy new year series is continuing -- by the united states postal service. oca is a national organization 20 years ago urge the postal service to issue a series of stamps to honor the contributions of chinese americans and we have the support of many local organizations, the chinese chamber of commerce, the chinese consolidated benevolent associations and many other national organizations and national leaders that joined asking the post office to consider doing that. we see the stamp as an important part of the american cultural heritage; chinese-americans are a big part of it. this is a special year, our twentieth year. i would like to introduce our mayor, ed lee, this is his press conference. mayor lee has been to many, many if not all of the -- in san francisco. in
Feb 13, 2013 11:30am PST
options to extend have been exercised and the current term end december 31st, 2013. oca calculated the requested increase that we're requesting on the average expenditures from january through november 2012 and extrapolated those to the end of the contract term, included a two-month contingency and an allowance for ongoing projects. this is a requirements contract meaning that it is available to city departments on an as-needed basis. the contract value is an administrative cap and it is not a commitment to the city to spend that amount. departments may order from any of the technology store vendors using department funds that have been approved and the board of supervisors annual budgetary process and which is certified by the controller. oca started a process to develop a new competitive solicitation to award new contracts to replace these contracts prior to them when they expire on december 31st, 2013. given the estimated contract values, oc would -- oca would be returning to the board after that solicitation to request your approval for new contracts over 10 million. i would be
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
personaslidadlidades iorn importantes. >> papa benedicto xvi fviajop a latinoameri amÉrica en dos ocas, primero a brasil y luego a mÉxico y cuba, pero papa juan pablo ii estuvo en 18 ocasiones y le preguntamos al carcdenal dl guadalajara si Él estarÍa enddeo de los papados. >> es muy difificcÍcil de reso. >> por siblglos y silglos losass eran italianos, pero papa juan pablo ii era polaco y bepapa benedicto xvi era alemÁn. >> a lo mejor el nuevo pap no estarÁ entre ellos. >> muchos esperan que sea joven para que dure mÁs y tambiÉn es d d bueno aclarar que en el regla n reglamento que aprobÓ papa juan pablo ii para ser papa tiene que ser cualquier catolÓlico en el n mundo, pero siempre ha salido n entre los cardenales que pueden votar, regresamos a los estudi s estudios. >> ya varemeremos, seguimos con tema, y los que han sido vioc m victiÍctimas de esto, se espera el prÓximo papÁ sea progtegido e los pederadasatas. >> la renuncia de bepapa benedio xvi soprrprendiÓ a todos. >> para mÍ era una cosa incre increibi increÍble, 500 y 600 aÑos no ha pasado esto, es primera ve
Feb 16, 2013 10:00pm EST
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Feb 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
year stamp, year of the snake (chinese). >> i would like to invite representatives from oca and the chinese benevolent association to join us. (applause) >> this is a celebration of a decade of discovery at mission bay. ten years ago, the mission bay campus consisted of one lone building with a handful of researchers and a lot of boxes. today, the campus is the hub of a collaborative and growing eco system that is transforming science into better health worldwide. ten years ago, ucsan francisco officially opened genetec hall, where we are today the first building at mission bay, to mark this anniversary we are celebrating those who played a key role in making what it is today and who gave both ucsan francisco and the city and county of san francisco a treasure. looking across mission bay today, it is hard to remember what this area used to look like, but i have a clear recollection, i did my residency here and lived up on the hill and my husband used to try to talk me out of running passed this neighborhood. it was not a place that you wanted to spend a lot of time, it was a
Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
the prosecution must disconnect that censorship authority of the oca. the extent to which monitoring has taken place and will continue, however, is an open question. an emergency motion was filed today which addresses that issue after it came up this week, and the judge has said that will be the first issue to take up on february 11. i hope that we will take a pro- military baby step before finding out the truth of what is going on in the military commission, but events so far they say that hope is unfounded. >> in mexico city, at least 25 people are wounded after the explosion at the headquarters of mexico's state owned oil form, the amex. dozens were reportedly trapped after the explosion with authorities warning the number of casualties could rise. the blast occurred in the basement of the building an office complex that also houses one of the city's tallest skyscrapers. the cause of the blast is still unknown. the company said the region they have to evacuate the building because of an electrical issue, but later tweeted that the attorney general's office was investigating the blast. and o
Feb 15, 2013 7:00am PST
califiquen . >> dicenq ue se trata de una victoria. >> cientos de personas vieron el nacímiento de una oca. >> la ballena peso 300 libras y midio 7 pies pero aún no se sabe de sus exo. >> ahora vamos con estefany severino con el reporte deltiempo. >> la buena noticia es que casi odo el país podrá disfrutar de un buen fin de semana, el sur norte de la costa oeste disfrutando de condiciónes agradables , habrá cielo despejado y poca brisa de 10 millas por hora desde el norte. >> nueva york máxima cerca de 40,chicago máxima de 28 grados, cielos despejadod y nada de brisa , por la noche vemos la costa con temperaturas , el sur de florida esperames temperaturas mas frescas y esperamos que disfruten del fin de semana. >> pasamos con johny que siempre nos inspira a lucir mejor. >> en dias donde esta lloviendo aún nos quedan ganas de ahcer ejercicios . >> con una pareja va a lograr mucha motivacion como la que nos trae claudia molina. >> mucho ccuidado con estos ejecicios , la motivacion es importante uno no quiere pero el otro le da motivacion y se complementan. >> cuáles son los benefici
Feb 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
-to-day lives. host: chris kyle, what was your first confirmed kill?oca guest: we were trying to softlien some of the locations. we weren't going to make it safe. but try to add something to it. while in the city, the marines started to approach, the people came out to show they were supportive of the military. they weren't going to fight. was a womans a ere that came out and she had and something in her hands. i was watching her, i was relaying back to my chief everything she had and what she was doing. he informed me this was a chinese grenade.e gr told me had to take the shot. she started approaching the marines. at this point, i never killed anyone. so it was definitely made me pause but also the fact that it's not a man. it was difficult. we tried to radio the marines to let them handle it. i didn't want to be the one to take the woman's life.ra we couldn't raise them on the radio. i ended up having to take the shot. m in my mind, she was dead anyway. she was either going to kill herself or suicide bomber or shd was going to die by my i would rather shoot her than to sit there a
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)